White Darkness Staff
White Darkness Staff icon
White Darkness Staff icon
5 Star
Required Value Weight
Lv.4000 0 360
Refine Temper Fuse
MA Yes Yes
Stats Temper Range Gold Gem Temper Range
AP {{{AP}}} {{{AP GG}}}
AC 3500
DX {{{DX}}} {{{DX GG}}}
MP 20000
MA 2500
MD 20000
WT 20000
DA {{{DA}}} {{{DA GG}}}
LK 3000
HP 20000
DP 20000
HV {{{HV}}} {{{HV GG}}}
Air Attr {{{Air}}}
Darkness Attr {{{Dark}}}
Electricity Attr {{{Elec}}}
Fire Attr {{{Fire}}}
Light Attr {{{Light}}}
Soil Attr {{{Soil}}}
Water Attr {{{Water}}}
Shadow Attr {{{Shadow Attr}}}
Shadow Resist {{{Shadow Resist}}}
Compoundable Stats Slots
5 MA,LK,Light Attr,Darkness Attr
The power of the White Witch is sealed within this staff. They say it grants one wish the wielder may have.
Lv.4000 Staff
How to Obtain
Pet Trainer Shara
Trade Bank Drop Sell (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes

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