Talk to Leonardo at Megalopolis Shop to access the VIP Egg Shop. The items in the Egg Shop that require 250 Bonus Eggs aren't supposed to be obtainable.

Gacha Boxes

Gacha Boxes can be bought from Leonardo's VIP Egg shop in exchange for 5 Bonus Eggs. The contents will be changed periodically.


Beginner Gacha Town - Blooming Cora 

Gacha Town 1 - Megalopolis 

Gacha Town 2 - Oops Wharf 

Gacha Town 3 - Rose Garden 

Gacha Town 4 - Azteca 

Special Town - Tapasco



Egg Pets

Egg Pets are unique, unlike other pets they can be leveled up alongside players using the Pet Breeding System. This service is available through Pet Breeder Erin NPC with the use of Growth Vitamins. Egg Pets are available to buy from the VIP Egg Shop for 10 Bonus Eggs. They are recommended for players Level 60 ~ 170.


60 90 120 150
Maid Minnie Maid Minnie T1 Maid Minnie T2 Maid Minnie T3 Maid Minnie T4
80 110 140 170
Aeolus Aeolus T1 Aeolus T2 Aeolus T3 Aeolus T4
Boreas Boreas T1 Boreas T2 Boreas T3 Boreas T4
Eurus Eurus T1 Eurus T2 Eurus T3 Eurus T4
Notos Notos T1 Notos T2 Notos T3 Notos T4
Zephyrus Zephyrus T1 Zephyrus T2 Zephyrus T3 Zephyrus T4



Mint Exchange - Bonus Eggs


Bonus Eggs can be obtained from Mint in each town, by exchanging the regional quest reward items. Also from Daily Shadow quests and System Mail Rewards.


  • Poppuri Dungeon: 15x Beans = 1 Bonus Egg
  • Azteca: 14x Slates = 1 Bonus Egg
  • Oops Wharf: 12x Shells = 1 Bonus Egg
  • Mermaid Dungeon: 9x Scales = 1 Bonus Egg
  • Ghost Blue: 11x Marbles = 1 Bonus Egg
  • Rose Garden: 10x Crests = 1 Bonus Egg
  • Black Swamp: 11x Lily Perfumes = 1 Bonus Egg
  • Snow Hill: 9x Miniature Snowman = 1 Bonus Egg
  • Techichi Volcano: 5x Fossil Pendants = 1 Bonus Egg
  • Tapasco Volcano: 4x Chili Paste Jars = 1 Bonus Egg
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