System Mail Rewards
When your character achieves certain levels, rewards will be mailed to you through the mail system. Access your System Mail Rewards by pressing the A key or by clicking on the envelope icon at the top left of your screen.
Level 15
Propeller Drill Propeller Drill Willow Puppy Willow Puppy
Level 20
Ruby Shades 130 Ruby Shades Rose Colored Glasses Rose Colored Glasses
Swirly Glasses Swirly Shades Safe Protection Safe Protection
Level 30
Bunny Ears Bunny Ears 30 Buffalo Horns Buffalo Horns 30
Sheep Horns Sheep Horns 30 Dragon Ears Dragon Ears 30
Fox Ears Fox Ears 30 Lion Ears Lion Ears 30
Cat Ears Cat Ears 30 Raccoon Ears Raccoon Ears 30
Level 35
Bunny Tail Bunny Tail 30 Buffalo Tail Buffalo Tail 30
Sheep Tail Sheep Tail 30 Dragon Tail Dragon Ears 30
Fox Tail Fox Tail 30 Lion Tail Lion Tail 30
Cat Tail Cat Tail 30 Raccoon Tail Raccoon Tail 30
Level 40
Stallion Sprint Stallion Sprint Portable Port AD 10 x Memory Port
File:Koom Card.gif 3 x Koom Card File:Turvy Card.gif 3 x Turvy Card
Level 50
100k Galder Check 3 x 100k Galder Check
Level 60
Sunflower Belt Sunflower Belt Sunflower Vest Sunflower Vest
Level 80
Bloody Rune of Fate Bloody Rune of Fate Earthen Fate Necklace Earthen Fate Necklace
Level 90
Phoenix Pouch Phoenix Pouch Blue Dragon Pouch Blue Dragon Pouch
Level 100
Bracer 2 x Fiesta Bracer
File:Glaring Eyes.gif Angry Eyes File:Angry Eyes.gif Blood Red Eyes
File:Blood Red Eyes.gif Odd Eyes File:Odd Eyes.gif Glaring Eyes
Level 110
Bunny Ears Bunny Ears 110 Buffalo Horns Buffalo Horns 110
Sheep Horns Sheep Horns 110 Dragon Ears Dragon Ears 110
Fox Ears Fox Ears 110 Lion Ears Lion Ears 110
Cat Ears Cat Ears 110 Raccoon Ears Raccoon Ears 110
Level 120
Letter Questionable Letter Resurrect Scroll 10 x Resurrect Scroll
Level 140
Portable Port AD 5 x Portable Port AD Choco of Love Choco of Love Card
Level 160
Letter Nefertiti's Letter 4G Card 2 x 4G Card 1
Level 180
Feria Liquid Medicine 250 x Great H Potion Fairy's Drink 250 x Great M Potion
Level 200
Build Graph Reset 2 x Build Graph Reset Master's Authority 2 x Master's Authority
Point Back All 2 x Point Back All
Level 220
TO 1st Anniversary Card 1st Anniversary Card Repair Powder 25 x Repair Powder
Level 240
Red Pouch Red Pouch Beige Pouch Beige Pouch
Leopard Belt Leopard Belt Fox Fur Vest Fox Fur Vest
Level 260
Tacky (Pet) Tacky Primrose (Pet) Primrose
Level 280
Craftsman's Anvil 20 x Craftsman's Anvil Anvil of Generations 20 x Anvil of Generations
Anvil of Era 20 x Anvil of an Era Legendary Anvil 20 x Legendary Anvil
God's Anvil 20 x God's Anvil
Level 300
PandaTO Coupon 10 x PandaTO Coupon A
Level 330
Bracer Raia's Booster Repair Powder 50 x Repair Powder
Level 350
PandaTO Coupon 10 x PandaTO Coupon C
Level 360
Alexandrite 10 x Alexandrite Adamantite 10 x Adamantite
Level 370
Repair Powder 75 x Repair Powder
Level 380
Star Card No.96 Refine 10 x Star Card No.96 Refine
Level 390
Bonus Egg 30 x Bonus Egg
Level 400
PandaTO Coupon 10 x PandaTO Coupon D