System Mail Rewards

When your character achieves certain levels, rewards will be mailed to you through the mail system. Press A or click on the yellow envelope in the top left corner.

Level Reward Use Notes
15 1x Level 15 Gift Box, Level 20 Pet, 1x Mind's Eye (Skill) Equipment (Pet), drill, and shadow world skill Level 15 Gift Box contains 1x Propeller Drill
20 1x Level Up Gift Box, 1x Ruby Shades, 1x Rose Colored Glasses, 1x Swirly Shades Equipment (Mask) and rare items
30 1x Bunny Ears 30, 1x Buffalo Horns 30, 1x Sheep Horns 30, 1x Dragon Ears 30, 1x Fox Ears 30, 1x Lion Ears 30, 1x Cat Ears 30, 1x Raccoon Ears 30 Equipment (Ears)
35 1x Bunny Tail 30, 1x Buffalo Tail 30, 1x Sheep Tail 30, 1x Dragon Tail 30, 1x Fox Tail 30, 1x Lion Tail 30, 1x Cat Tail 30, 1x Raccoon Tail 30 Equipment (Tail)
40 1x Level 40 Gift Box, 10x Portable Port AD, 3x Koom Card, 3x Turvy Card Equipment (sprint), Teleportation, and Skill Mastery Level 40 Gift Box contains 1x Stallion Sprint
50 3x Fiesta Tickets, 1x Spire Circlet, 1x Immaterial Spire Sword, 1x Spirit Spire Ring, 1x Spire Gun, 1x Requiem Spire Shield Equipment and fiesta entrance tickets.
60 1x Sunflower Belt, 1x Sunflower Vest Equipment (vests)
80 80x Hyperium Pink Potion, 80x Hyperium Blue Potion, 1x Bloody Rune of Fate, 1x Earthern Fate Necklace Recovery and quest items
90 1x Phoenix Pouch, 1x Blue Dragon Pouch Equipment (accessories)
100 1x Level 100 Gift Box,

1x Bunny Ears 110, 1x Buffalo Horns 110, 1x Sheep Horns 110, 1x Dragon Ears 110, 1x Fox Ears 110, 1x Lion Ears 110, 1x Cat Ears 110, 1x Raccoon Ears 110

Equipment (accessory and ears) Level 100 Gift Box contains 1x Fiesta Booster
110 1x Bunny Tail 110, 1x Buffalo Tail 110, 1x Sheep Tail 110, 1x Dragon Tail 110, 1x Fox Tail 110, 1x Lion Tail 110, 1x Cat Tail 110, 1x Raccoon Tail 110 Equipment (tail)
120 1x Level 120 Gift Box, 1x Questionable Letter Resurrection and enlightenment quest item Level 120 Gift Box contains 10x Resurrection Scrolls
140 10x Repair Powders, 1x Ticket of the Valiant, 1x 2nd Anniversary Skill Job advancement item, DA increase skill
150 1x Nefertiti's Letter, 1x Harkon, 3x Adamantite, 3x Alexandrite Enlightenment quest item and job advancement items
160 1x Mel's Booster Equipment (booster)
180 25x Repair Powder, 2x 4G Card 1 Refinement and exchange item Exchange 4G Cards with Rosemary for Inferno Set or Happisto Stallone for Nocturnal Set
200 2x Master's Authority, 2x Build Graph Reset, 2x Point All Back Stat/skill reset items
220 25x Repair Powders, 1x 1st Anniversary Skill Refinement and LK increasing skill
240 1x Fox Fur Vest, 1x Leopard Belt, 1x Red Pouch, 1x Beige Pouch Equipment (vests and accessories)
260 1x Tacky, 1x Primrose Equipment (pets)
280 20x Anvil Stone, 20x God's Anvil, 20x Anvil of the Era, 20x Legendary Anvil, 20x Anvil of Generations, 20x Craftman's Anvil Refinement
300 1x Red Shoestring, 1x Orange Shoestring, 20x PandaTO Coupon A, 20x PandaTO Coupon B Equipment (sprints) and exchange item Exchange coupons with Pet Trainer Shara in Blooming Cora for good equipment
330 20x PandaTO Coupon A, 25x Repair Powders Exchange item and refinement Exchange coupons with Pet Trainer Shara in Blooming Cora and Gate of Chaos Tower for good equipment
350 20x PandaTO Coupon C Exchange item Exchange coupons with Pet Trainer Shara in Blooming Cora and Gate of Chaos Tower for good equipment
360 10x Adamantite, 10x Alexandrite Refinement
370 75x Repair Powders Refinement
380 15x PandaTO Coupon D Exchange item Exchange with NPCs for endgame equipment
390 30x Bonus Egg, 1x Olympic Flag Box Exchange item and equipment (head accessory) Flags are level 90 head accessories
400 10x PandaTO Coupon E, 50x Repair Powders, 1x Sentinel Box Exchange item, refinement repair, and equipment Exchange with NPCs for endgame equipment and repair broken equipment after refining.
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