What Is Star Gazing?

Star Gazing is a system that temporary increases your stats (AP, AC, DX, MA, MD, DA, LK, DP, HV), drop rate, refine rate and/or base experience. It is based upon Fortune Cards, Level and luck (real). The Fortune Cards can be obtained by opening Star Card Packs, which can commonly be obtained as monster drops, and from quests and events. The Fortune Cards that you have can be viewed in "Fortune" tab at "Card" inventory.


First, you have complete the follow quests:

Star Gazer Stella (2) - The Star Gazer

NPC: Star Gazer Stella (2) Location: Desert Beach Field 2 - Sand Palace
Base Experience: 6,218 TM Experience: None
Request: Complete Don Giuvanni - Calming Down Don Giuvanni
Quest Cycles: 1 Time(s) Condition: Level 15+
Cycle 1: Star Card Pack No.5, Stars and Fortunes Book, liberate Star Gazing
Notes: Pay attention to the dialogue when talking to Stella.

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Don Giuvanni - Calming Down Don Giuvanni

NPC: Don Giuvanni Location: Desert Beach Field 2 - Sand Palace
Base Experience: 7,521 TM Experience: None
Request: Soap
Quest Cycles: 3 Time(s) Condition: Level 15+, have Stella - The Star Gazerin quest log
Cycle 1~2: 500 Galder Coupon
Cycle 3: Don Giuvanni Card
Notes:  Soap is drilled in Desert Beach Field 3 - Statue of Anubis.

Daily Fortune

Visit the Star Gazer Stella Tent or talk to Stella. You may before ask Stella for daily fortune reading, that indicates how many Fortune Cardscan be used in your card reading.

There are Star Gazer Stella Tents in Paradise, Megalopolis Square, Azteca, Oops Wharf, Aquarius, Carbigal, Gate of Snow Hill, Gate of Techichi, Gate of Tapasco Volcano, and Platonia. Stella offers fortune readings at Underground Dev Room - Lobby too (in a lobby cabin, not in her tent).

Fortune Reading

Now, you have know how many cards can be used in your card reading. First, accept the reading cost (that start in 1,000 Galders which increases every time you have one done, per day) and then Stella shows her card table (NPC Card table). Pick the card(s) she has that you don't want to replace them yours (in My Card table). The My Card table has 1 tab for all cards and 9 tabs specifically for each level type card (1 to 9). You can click on "Auto" button (pink) to select random cards. Then click on "Proceed" button (yellow).

This open the Star Clock. The cards in NPC Card table will be distributed in Star Clock plus one Joker Card. Turn the handle in the right to spin the 3 hands (sun, moon and star). You can wait until all the red lights in the middle of clock has turn on or you can click in the handle to stop the hands on the fated cards. You'll read the results which include stats bonuses and a possible title. The title you receive is based on the cards you get. The title can be changed in your MyView menu. Your stat bonus can be accessed by clicking the gem on your status bar.