Refinement Event Box
Refinement Event Box
Yellow Box
Yellow Box
Required Value Weight
Lv.1 0 1
Open to obtain a random refinement enhancement item.
How to Obtain
Obtain from Classic Boss Monsters.
Contents (one of these)
Craftsman's Anvil Craftsman's Anvil Anvil of Generations Anvil of Generations
Anvil of Era Anvil of an Era God's Anvil God's Anvil
Legendary Anvil Legendary Anvil Anvil Stone Anvil Stone
[[File:]] [[File:]]
Trade Bank Drop Sell (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drops from all classic boss monsters except Captain Skull and Spicy Dragon, all anvils except Anvil Stone drop at the same rate. Anvil Stones drop 2x at a time while the other anvils drop 1x per box.

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