PandaTO's gameplay is centered around the rebirth system. Upon reaching level 400, players will able to pay a specific amount of galders to be reverted back to level 1. Players will have their level, quests, and stats all be reset. To help your grind back to level 400, players receive a Rebirth Sprint and a Rebirth Ring in their inventory, the ring gives +2000% EXP boost, while the sprint gives the same move speed as the level 900 sprint. Each rebirth will increase your level cap by 100. Progressing through the rebirth system helps players unlock new equipment, new maps, new methods for galder farming, and new bosses. Below is a list of the galder required for each rebirth.

Galder requirements:

  • Level 400-500 : 300,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 500-600 : 400,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 600-700: 500,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 700-800: 600,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 800-900: 700,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 900-1000: 800,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 1000-1100: 900,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 1100-1200: 1,000,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 1200-1300: 1,100,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 1300-1400: 1,200,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 1400-1500: 1,300,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 1500-1600: 1,400,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 1600-1700: 1,500,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 1700-1800: 1,600,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 1800-1900: 1,700,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 1900-2000: 2,000,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 2000+: 2,000,000,000 Galders.

How to Rebirth:

  1. Head over to the Website
  2. Log into your profile.
  3. Manage Account.
  4. Rebirth
  5. Profile needs to be logged out and have finished Monster Quests or Party Quests to prevent you from glitches.
  6. Once you have rebirthed and reached level 400, log out and go to the Level Cap Tab. Click the button to increase your level cap, and you are now 100 levels higher before your rebirth.

Rebirth Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my guardian/soul seed be reset?
    • No, your progress in your guardian and soul seed will be kept the same. Your quests do reset, so if you were halfway through the quest series for getting your soul seed, it will be reset and you will have to start over. For glitchless results, do the Card Identification and Soul Seed quest series prior to a rebirth.
  • If quests are reset, can I get a 2nd soul seed and get a 2nd guardian?
    • No, getting a 2nd guardian will glitch out your character. Do not do this under any circumstances.
  • Will my TM level/skills/job be reset?
    • No, your TM level, skills, and job will remain the same after your rebirth.
  • If all quests are reset, can I redo the 3rd job advancement quests to change to a different job?
    • No, it won't work.
  • Should I rebirth?
    • Yes, the content of PandaTO is centered around this system. Not rebirthing is leaving 90% of the game untouched.
  • Is there any other way to get rebirths without paying the galders?
    • Sometimes staff-run events such as Alchemy Events will offer rebirths as prizes.
  • How can I make enough money to rebirth?
    • See this page on galder farming. Upon rebirthing, your quests will be reset, which will help lower level players recover the costs of the rebirth through the rewards received from Key Quests.
  • Why are my base stats at 0 when I rebirth after level 1000?
    • Unfortunately, since the game was never built to go over level 999, your base stats in any type you have a 4 in will go to 0 after level 999. This means your character's type will always have level 0 stats after 1000, no matter what you do. While this may be a minor inconvenience when you first rebirth to 1000, it won't matter much when you get more powerful equipment. Base stats make up very little of your total stats when you get better equips. When rebirthing over level 900, be sure to use the Build Graph Reset potion to set your build to 2 in other type than your character's type. For example, if you're a magic type, set your build to 2422. This will keep your other stats from being set to 0 until level 2000.
      • After level 2000, you must set your build to having a 1 in sense if you don't have Heavy Carrier. Make sure to still set two types to 1 when rebirthing past this point, or all of your base stats will be set to 0.
  • Will I lose my inventory when I rebirth?
    • No, the only things which are changed when you rebirth are your level, your quests, and your stats.
  • What should I do before I rebirth?
    • Make sure to do any enhanced quest you want to do prior to your rebirth so you can do them again after you increase your level cap. Make sure to do non-Key Quest Tapasco Volcano quests and Abyss quests (if you're level 1000+) because these are not locked behind progressing in the Key Quests.


Avataring is an exclusive level 900+ feature. Level 900+ characters are able to learn skills from any class.

Example - have a Raccoon and don’t seem to have enough AC? You can learn Bull’s eye! Have a Bunny but tired of having only 1 AoE spell? You can learn Earthquake Blade.

Pricing: Every skill cost a different amount of galders, the list of skills and how much they cost can be found here.

Limits: You have a limit of 80 Skills, you will need to Master's Authority some skills if you are near this number before you are eligible to learn new avatar skills.

Avatar Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can any character use a gun?
    • Yes, any character can use a gun if you get gun carrier, and you can still use other non-gun skills while using it. Character models won't display the gun, but it still works fine.
  • Can I get shield breaker as one of my avatar skills?
    • Yes, but the skill requires your character is holding a gun to activate. You're likely better off just using it as a skill on your guardian.
  • Do I also have to get a skill's prerequisite skills before I get it as an avatar skill?
    • No, when learning avatar skills you can ignore a skill's prerequisite, but if a skill requires another skill to activate, you do have to learn that skill (i.e. to use arrow rush, you must first learn mana arrow).
  • How is pricing determined?
    • Pricing is arbitrary but is mostly defined by the strength of the skill. Skills which are priced at 1.5b galders are the strongest/most useful skills (their usefulness is not universal for every class!). Skills which are 500m tend not to get picked often and likely aren't as useful outside of their normal class.
  • What buff skills should I learn?
    • It depends on your class and what your character's weaknesses/strengths are. Here are some common ones for each character.
      • Buffalo: Eagle Eye (1.5b), Desperate Rally (1.5b), Adrenaline (1.5b), Lucky Seven (1b), Physical Training (1b)
      • Bunny (Champion): Mist of Mana (1.5b), Raion's Blessing (1b), and Raion's Space (1.5b)
      • Dragon: Lucky Seven (1b), Aura of Luck (1b)
      • Sheep: Lucky Seven (1b), Aura of Luck (1b)
      • Lion: Eagle Eye (1.5b), Aura of Luck (1b), and Physical Training (1b)
      • Fox: Physical Training (1b), Dodge Master (1b), and Sumo Suit (1b)
      • Raccoon: Bull's Eye (1.5b), Pumping Heart (1.5b), and Adrenaline (1.5b)
      • Cat: Bull's Eye (1.5b), Pumping Heart (1.5b), and Adrenaline (1.5b)
  • What attacking skills should I learn?
    • It mostly depends on your class and the weaknesses of your character. Characters who lack AoE skills may opt to get Full House/Fan of Knives/Earthquake Blade. Characters who need more powerful bossing skills may opt for Lucky Fist/Flaming Fist/Magical Soul. Think about what your character wants and needs, and also keep in mind what stats your character has. If you have 2k MA and no fire attribute naturally, you will have to spend a lot of galders to buy the equipment necessary to make it work. Keep this in mind when selecting avatar skills.
  • How do I get an avatar skill?
    • Go to #avatar-request on discord and write a message with the following format and Shiro will DM you at his nearest opportunity:
      • Character name: -- Skill(s) Requested: -- Galder cost:
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