• The character that has been reborn, will have all quests, level and stats reset, the equipped gear will go to the inventory but everything else will remain the same.
  • As a bonus the player gets an untradable, undropable Rebirth gear to help level faster.
  • This character will then be able to increase its cap level about +100 levels every rebirth, 5 rebirths being the max a character chan achieve. Of course, having the level cap raised will have access to other goods like new gear, maps and other nice benefits.


The character performing the rebirth will need to be at level cap and pay a specific amount of galders.

  • Level 400-500 : 300,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 400-600 : 400,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 400-700: 500,000,000 Galders.
  • Level 400-800: 600,000,000 Galders.
  • Leve 400-900: 700,000,000 Galders.

How to Rebirth:

  1. Head over to the Website
  2. Log into your profile.
  3. Manage Account.
  4. Rebirth
  5. Profile needs to be logged out and have finished Monster Quests or Party Quests to prevent you from glitches.
  6. Once you have rebirthed and reached level 400 head over to the Level Cap Tab