PvP (Player versus Player) is when individual players fight against other specific player in special locations for points and prizes.

Player battles utilize a system where the player can battle on a private field.

Player battles take place in the Colosseum Waiting room. To enter the Colosseum Waiting room you must speak with Bunny maid (NPC), and give her a Pink Potion A. The required level to enter the coliseum is level 2 or higher. Spectators can also enter the Colosseum.

Battle Modes

Free Match Mode:

In this mode you can taunt other players by simply attack them, but this means that if you attack them, don't expect hesitation from they, because in this mode there's no attack restrictions, so everyone can hit everyone!!!.

Free matches take place in Battlefield of Desert and Battlefield of Garden, accesible by talking with Rosemary and pay a 1000 Galders fee.

Duel Mode:

In this mode, the players can fight only if both are agree to do a fight. One player right-click other and see its level and points and the challenge option. If you challenge a player in this mode you can fight him/her only if he/she accepts. Also, Bunny Maid is inside of this Battlefield to give rewards to the winners!!.

Duel battles take place in Battlefield of Duel, accesible from Colosseum Waiting room by talking with Don Giuvanni and give him 3 Compound Wastes.

Skirmish Mode:

Also exist Phantom Dungeon accesible by talking with Shaman Girl Jia in the Gate of Phantom School.

You can go through this scenario completing quest and/or fighting against other players. The particularity of this mode is that monsters are rounding the envoirenment of this place, so it makes it a bit harder, but to keep the safety and out of misundertandings you can choose between Peace Mode and Active Mode. In Peace Mode you only limit yourself to stay in the Dungeon only for defeat monsters and complete quests, you cannot taunt players and they cannot taunt you. In the Active Mode you can do same things before mentioned but now you can attack other player and obviously, they can attack you.

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