Pet Reinforce
Pet Reinforce refers to adding additional stats to Pet. Reinforce requires a preset amount of an item (hardant) that can be used for the stat you would like to add. The Pet you want to add the stats to also needs to have one or more slots open, and must accept that kind of talent. After the reinforce, the slot will be used.

When reinforce, remember that each hardant has its own stat range. The formula for reinforce is currently unknown, but most believe it is based slightly on the stat LK or DA; however, most would agree it is rather random, based off of real luck.

Also, the hardant you use for reinforce can not be over the pet's level. For example, the AP Hardant 60 is for level 60 pet. This means you can use this for reinforce any pet with a level requirement level 60 or above, but nothing lower than it.

Currently are hardants for these talents (increase basic stats): AP, AC, MP, MA, DA, LK, HP, and HV; and two levels of hardants: 270 and 395.

Where to obtain hardants:

  • Hardant 395 Boxes:
    • Shadow NPC Stella in Megalopolis Shop in exchange for 5x PandaTO Coupon D's and 5x PandaTO Coupon E's.
    • Droppable from Master Mong

How to Reinforce

Reinforce service is provided by Pet Trainer Shara, who is currently located in in Paradise Shop, Megalopolis Shop, and Carbigal Shop. Upon entering the reinforce window, you can insert the desired pet, and the hardant you would like to reinforce into it. The Pet Reinforce is a free service.

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