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Chaos Tower

A guide on where to farm those PandaTO Coupons that everyone's been talking about.

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Boss Waves

Bosses have broken free and are putting the smack down on any unsuspecting players.

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Panda Trickster Online

Panda Trickster Online is a Private Server of Trickster Online by Ntreev. PandaTO was established in June 2017, as a Free to Play (f2p) server, published to give players the feeling of nostalgia that they used to feel whilst playing the game.

The environment features bright, anime-styled 2D graphics and a vast, epic landscape. Players can completely choose how they want to play the game, from simply exploring the environment and interacting with friends, to fighting monsters and other players in an attempt to reach an impressive level 400.

The game also features custom gameplay, unique progress and exciting mini-games amongst others which expedite players, allowing them to advance forward and have the full Trickster Online experience without the need to battle others.

This Wiki is currently in the process of being renovated by Tsubakura and Linky after years of little to no updates. Users are welcome to make their own updates to the website. To edit articles, simply make an account and click the "Edit" button in the top right corner. All contributors are welcome.



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