As you may have noticed when making an account, the PandaTO community doesn't use the forums on the website like other servers do. PandaTO actively uses our Discord as a more natural and freeform way to engage with each other. Here's the invite link to join.

Discord Channels

On our Discord, you can talk with other players about the game, sell your items, post screenshots, ask questions, and more. Below is a list of our Discord channel's and what they're used for.


  • Announcements
    • In #announcements you will find general announcements about the server, such as posts regarding the monthly boss hunting event, Reddit posts advertising our server, and more.
  • Rules and Info
    • Here you will find the rules for our server. Be sure to read it over once.
  • Donations
    • In this channel you will find the link to the donation spreadsheet. Should you choose to donate, here are the items you can buy and their associated price values. Donations are not required, all items can be acquired through a reasonable amount of time. However, should you choose to donate, please DM the server owner, @Mel, on Discord.
  • General
    • This is where a majority of the conversation in the Discord happens. Talk about the game here, ask questions if you have them. Make sure to obey the Discord rules, especially here.
  • General-BR
    • Se você é brasileiro e prefere falar em português, fale aqui. Temos uma grande comunidade de falantes de português, para que você se encaixe perfeitamente.
  • General-Español
    • También tenemos una gran cantidad de jugadores de habla hispana. Si prefieres hablar español principalmente, habla aquí.
  • General-日本語
    • このチャットは、日本語の会話を目的としています。
  • General-ไทย
    • เรามีผู้เล่นพูดไทยเป็นจำนวนมาก พูดคุยกับพวกเขาที่นี่
  • General-filipino
    • Pangkalahatang channel para sa mga manlalaro ng filipino na makipag-usap.
  • General-한국어
    • 이 대화는 한국어를 사용하는 플레이어를위한 것입니다.


  • Trickster Announcements
    • Find the latest patch here, if you're having trouble logging in it might be because you haven't downloaded the newest patch.
  • Trickster Devlog
    • This is where Mel will post the latest patch notes.
  • Trickster Events
    • Staff members will post about upcoming events. Pay attention to this channel, as events are usually posted 5-20 minutes prior to the start time.
  • Avatar Requests
    • Write a message in here with the following information (Character name, skills requested, galder cost) and the server owner will DM you to complete this request.
  • Trickster Suggestions
    • Have a suggestion for the server? Write it here, maybe your suggestion will make it into the game! If you're suggesting for something to be changed, whether it's changing a quest or making a piece of equipment tradeable, be sure to list out their formal names in the post for staff convenience.
  • Trickster Marketplace
    • If you're selling something, please post it here (not in general chat).
  • Trickster Screenshots
    • Keep trickster gameplay related images in this channel. Please don't post art, we have a different channel for that.
  • Tips and Guides
    • This channel contains useful PandaTO specific information about the game. Check this out, especially if you're a new player. If you recently downloaded the game and are getting a "pet error" download the latest pet patch here to fix the issue.


  • Random Stuff
    • Post about appropriate topics unrelated to Trickster here. Make sure to observe the community rules.
  • Livestream Ads
    • Do you stream? Advertise here!
  • Selfie Shrine
    • Post your bright, shining face in this channel.
  • Art Stuff
    • Post your art here, does not have to be Trickster related.
  • Music
    • Post about music in this channel.

Voice Channels

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