You can get Level Up Gift Box by three ways:

1) Azteca Monster Quests - There are 3 quests, each round gives you 30, so in total you can get 450 boxes per character.

2) Shadow Daily Quests - You must have a guardian to do these monster quests, there is one per town, and it's 30 per round, so in total you can get 270 boxes per day. (Megalopolis, Paradise, Blooming Cora, Aquarius, Azteca, Oops wharf, Carbigal, Laplanoel, Cermonia).

3) Drilling in Gate of Desert Beach

**Shadow Monster Quests in Techichi Volcano, Tapasco Volcano, and Abyss do not give Level Up Gift Boxes**

Item Use
Hyperium Pink Potion HP 4000 recovery
Hyperium Blue Potion MP 4000 recovery
Store-More Permit 8 additional warehouse item slots
Mic Microphone message
TBN Megaphone Speaker message
Repair Powder Repair Powder Repair broken equipment from refining
Nate's Bottle Frees up one used compound slot
White Elixir Increases the maximum compound ability by 20%
Amethyst Elixir Increases the maximum compound ability by 25%
Pink Elixir Increases the minimum compound ability by 25%
Black Green Elixir Increases the minimum and probability compound ability by 60%
White Green Elixir Increases the maximum and probability compound ability by 60%
Gold Tempering Gem Increases range of minimum and maximum stats
Artisan's Flame Artisan's Flame Fusion catalyst
Protein Candy Pet training
Lock Candy Pet stat lock
Growth Vitamin Pet leveling supplement
Shara's Bottle Removes one Hardant from the pet. The Hardant will be destroyed
Erin's Secret Book Pet Fusion catalyst.
Anvil of Generations Anvil of Generations Increases the refining rate for level 0~8. Refining increased by 10%.
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