About Fusion

Item Fusion is a new system that allows an individual to choose an equipment's image to overlap (or fuse) with another equipment's stats. The equipment that remains is called the STATSequipment, and the consumed equipment, which will have its image only used, is called the IMAGE equipment.

  • All stats from the STATS equipment are kept, none from the IMAGE equipment are used.
  • The IMAGE equipment will be lost, and it's appearance and image (icon, in-game appearance, etc) will be ported to the fused equipment.
  • Tradable status will remain from the STATS equipment, so you can use a My-shop equipment (non-tradable) as the IMAGE equipment on an in-game equipment (tradable), resulting on a tradable equipment with the looks (image) of the MyShop item.
  • Fused equipment can no longer be dropped.

How To Fuse

Fusion service is provided by Fusion Master Arlene. She is currently located in Paradise Shop and Megalopolis Shop. To fuse an item, an Artisan's Flame is required

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