Immaterial Spire Sword
Immaterial Sword
Immaterial Spire Sword Artwork
5 Star
Required Value Weight
Lv.55 6000 90
Refine Temper Fuse
AP No Yes
Stats Temper Range Gold Gem Temper Range
AP 450 N/A
AC {{{AC}}} N/A
DX {{{DX}}} N/A
MP {{{MP}}} N/A
MA 35 N/A
MD {{{MD}}} N/A
WT {{{WT}}} N/A
DA 35 N/A
LK 35 N/A
HP {{{HP}}} N/A
DP {{{DP}}} N/A
HV 35 N/A
Air Attr {{{Air}}}
Darkness Attr {{{Dark}}}
Electricity Attr {{{Elec}}}
Fire Attr {{{Fire}}}
Light Attr {{{Light}}}
Soil Attr {{{Soil}}}
Water Attr {{{Water}}}
Shadow Attr {{{Shadow Attr}}}
Shadow Resist {{{Shadow Resist}}}
Compoundable Stats Slots
MA, DA, HV, Darkness Attr 3
Sword that possesses the power of requiem. It gives the power of chaos to its owner.
How to Obtain
Receive from System Mail Rewards at level 50.
Trade Bank Drop Sell (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes

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