Harbinger's Scythe
Harbinger's Scythe icon
Harbinger's Scythe icon
5 Star
Required Value Weight
Lv.400 0 400
Refine Temper Fuse
AP No Yes
Stats Temper Range Gold Gem Temper Range
AP 3700 N/A
AC 180 N/A
DX -5 N/A
MP {{{MP}}} N/A
MA {{{MA}}} N/A
MD {{{MD}}} N/A
WT {{{WT}}} N/A
DA 180 N/A
LK 180 N/A
HP {{{HP}}} N/A
DP {{{DP}}} N/A
HV 180 N/A
Air Attr 25%
Darkness Attr 25%
Electricity Attr 25%
Fire Attr 25%
Light Attr 25%
Soil Attr 25%
Water Attr 25%
Shadow Attr {{{Shadow Attr}}}
Shadow Resist {{{Shadow Resist}}}
Compoundable Stats Slots
N/A 0
Weapon used to punish Asian queens.
Custom Sword
How to Obtain
Pet Trainer Shara Exchange at Gate of Chaos Tower
Trade Bank Drop Sell (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes

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