Flashire Snake Box
Evil Don G Box
Evil Don G Box
Required Value Weight
Lv.0 0 1
Includes drops required for lvl. 900 gear exchange.
Pig statues
How to Obtain
Flashire Snake
Contents (one of these)
B pig Bronze Pig Statue S pig Silver Pig Statue
G pig Golden Pig Statue [[File:]]
[[File:{{{GIF 5}}}]] {{{EQ 5}}} [[File:{{{GIF 6}}}]] {{{EQ 6}}}
[[File:{{{GIF 7}}}]] {{{EQ 7}}} [[File:{{{GIF 8}}}]] {{{EQ 8}}}
[[File:{{{GIF 9}}}]] {{{EQ 9}}}
Trade Bank Drop Sell (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes

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