Draconic Restraint Pendant
Draconic Restraint Pendant
Draconic Restraint Pendant
5 Star
Required Value Weight
Lv.330 0 110
Refine Temper Fuse
No Yes No
Stats Temper Range Gold Gem Temper Range
AP 1302~1860 1498~2139
AC 52~75 60~87
DX {{{DX}}} {{{DX GG}}}
MP 2478~3540 2850~4071
MA 52~75 60~87
MD {{{MD}}} {{{MD GG}}}
WT {{{WT}}} {{{WT GG}}}
DA 52~75 60~87
LK 52~75 60~87
HP 3360~4800 3864~5520
DP {{{DP}}} {{{DP GG}}}
HV 52~75 60~87
Air Attr {{{Air}}}
Darkness Attr {{{Dark}}}
Electricity Attr {{{Elec}}}
Fire Attr {{{Fire}}}
Light Attr {{{Light}}}
Soil Attr {{{Soil}}}
Water Attr {{{Water}}}
Shadow Attr {{{Shadow Attr}}}
Shadow Resist {{{Shadow Resist}}}
Compoundable Stats Slots
AP, AC, MA, DA, LK, HP, HV 4
A Spicy dragon Pendant that was finally freed from Neredieth's greed.
Legendary Unique Accessory
How to Obtain
Drops from Spicy Dragon
Trade Bank Drop Sell (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
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