Draconic Circlet
Draconic Circlet
Draconic Circlet
5 Star
Required Value Weight
Lv.Lv. 300 0 210
Refine Temper Fuse
DP Yes Yes
Stats Temper Range Gold Gem Temper Range
AP {{{AP}}} {{{AP GG}}}
AC 46 ~ 66 53 ~ 76
DX {{{DX}}} {{{DX GG}}}
MP {{{MP}}} {{{MP GG}}}
MA {{{MA}}} {{{MA GG}}}
MD 537 ~ 768 618 ~ 884
WT {{{WT}}} {{{WT GG}}}
DA {{{DA}}} {{{DA GG}}}
LK 46 ~ 66 53 ~ 76
HP {{{HP}}} {{{HP GG}}}
DP 537 ~ 768 618 ~ 884
HV {{{HV}}} {{{HV GG}}}
Air Attr {{{Air}}}
Darkness Attr {{{Dark}}}
Electricity Attr {{{Elec}}}
Fire Attr {{{Fire}}}
Light Attr {{{Light}}}
Soil Attr {{{Soil}}}
Water Attr {{{Water}}}
Shadow Attr {{{Shadow Attr}}}
Shadow Resist {{{Shadow Resist}}}
Compoundable Stats Slots
AC, MD, LK, Soil Resist 4
This mark was extracted out of Count Blood directly from Spicy Dragon and reconstructed by his flames.
Legendary Unique Hat. Werewolf Lycan should recognize this mark.
How to Obtain
Drops from Spicy Dragon
Trade Bank Drop Sell (to NPC)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
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