The following Compound Potions have had their sale value increased for galder making.

This is experimental custom content that is a 'Work In Progress', prices and items are subject to change. Note that the sale price at Item Girl is half of the Item's value.

Item Value Ingredients Fee Location
Megalo Yummy Stick 1x Octopus Leg, 1x Plastic Pack 1g Paradise Shop
Honey Tea 1x Honey, 2x Royal Jelly, 2x Distilled Water 5g Megalopolis, Azteca
Ginseng Tea 2x Ginseng, 1x Honey, 1x Distilled Water 100g Azteca
Caballa Coffee 120k 2x Coffee Beans, 1x Empty Potion Bottle 1k Azteca
Transparent Medicine 1x Harkon Shard, 2x Super Bean Shell, 1x Fairy's Drink 100g Oops Wharf
Aqua Blue Potion R 150k 1x Pure Water, 1x Empty Potion Bottle 10g Aquarius Shop
Healthy Yoghurt R 100k 1x Sea Anemone Juice, 1x Empty Potion Bottle 2g Aquarius Shop
Bear Stew 150k 1x Bear Paw, 2x Herb Potion, 2x Edelweiss 1g Snow Hill Gift Factory
Laplanoel Shopping Mall
Long Lasting Matches 160k 2x Dry Wood, 1x Phosphorus Paste 1k Gate of Techichi
Fatigue Medicine 5x Panacea, 1x Herb Potion 8.85k Mirage Island Field 7