Bosses have broken free of their dungeons and now roam the fields looking for unsuspecting players. Defeat these rogues for the chance to win their unique equipment. Bosses waves will be rotated periodically. Meanwhile Sentinels have taken residence in their empty dungeons, enter at your peril!

Captain Skull/Pirate King Karan, Count Blood/Tenter Lion, and Queen Odinea/Soki all roam around the same regions, but never at the same time. Bosses rotate on a weekly/biweekly basis, so one week you may find Count Blood roaming around Rose Garden, and Tenter Lion the next week. See #trickster-devlog on Discord for the latest patch notes and boss rotation.

Bosses and their locations

Boss Location
Tutankhamen Seal Tutankhamen Desert Beach
Tombeth Seal Tombeth Caballa Relics
Captain Skull Seal Captain Skull Mermaid Palace
Pirate King Karan Seal Pirate King Karan Mermaid Palace
Count Blood Seal Count Blood Rose Garden
Tenter Lion Seal Tenter Lion Rose Garden
Queen Odinea Seal Queen Odinea Snow Hill
Soki Seal Soki Snow Hill
Spicy Dragon Seal Spicy Dragon Tapasco Volcano
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