Due to the high amount of customizations made on the server, it can be helpful to have a few tips and a small tutorial on each of the characters. This page will have a brief description on each character's pure path (the path that most people choose to take).

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Thief Masters use daggers, shields, and throwing weapons to assassinate enemies. They're an average powered class, which excel in the early and late game, with a lull in power in between.

  • Build Graphs
    • 1144
      • This is the most common build for Thief Masters, Magic stats are relatively useless for foxes without avatar skills, and the only Power stat useful for foxes is AC. If you're going for a gunner fox, while not covered in this guide, consider a 2143 or 3142 build.
  • Useful stats
    • DA, Throwing AP, LK, HP, AC
      • DA: DA is the stat which gives your skills most of their power, focus on compounding this into your equips and putting your level up points into this.
      • Throwing AP: This is a stat used by foxes, it comes on all throwing weapons and some equipment. This is a fairly useless stat overall, it makes a up a very small part of your skill's formulas damage. Just find the cheapest throwing item you can find, usually Bone Needles or Apricot Darts. See Throwing Weapons for more information on them.
      • LK: Used in some skill formulas, but also to determine whether your skills are blocked or not. This should be your second most important stat.
      • AC: Important stat so your skills don't miss.
      • HP: Foxes are a relatively tanky, most of their gear comes with HP on it. Don't compound it into your gear, but typically foxes will accrue a fair amount of HP.
  • Equipment


  • Character Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Strengths
      • You require one less equipment to fund for a standard lion (shield).
      • You are a damage per second class. Like typical DPS classes, you lack defense, but excel in damage over time.
      • Lions are able to kite.
      • You own one of the most popular physical debuff skills in the gaming meta (Shield Breaker).
      • Farming skills (AoE) are stable, as in they scale well on monsters throughout early, mid and endgame. Should be no reason why you can't 1HKO monsters in your level range with proper level equipment (close to max upgrades -- compounding, refining, etc.).
    • Weaknesses
      • Lions use their class skills throughout their entire gaming experience. Lion gun mechanics are not flexible, and inhibits avataring choices.
      • Kiting becomes less effective mid to endgame. Strategy for kiting changes in the endgame.
      • Lions require ammo to kill efficiently.
      • There is a lot of skill management in combat.
      • You require alot more effort to kill monsters compared to other classes.
      • The growth ratio for HP/MP are proportionally the same.
      • You'll get 1 (charm 1) to 3 (charm 4) hit KO'd by most mobs the entire time for standard lions.
      • Most of your lion class skills become useless mid to endgame. You are really using about 5 active skills and 4 buffs from your lion class skillset.
  • Build Graphs
    • 4141 - Glass cannon graph, you die in 1 hit all the time, but hit like a brick.
    • 3142 - Moderate offensive damage, die in 1 to 2 hits.
    • 2143 - Mediocre damage, but better survivability. Die in 2 to 3 hits. The safe bet.
  • Useful stats
    • AC - Your bread and butter stat. You rely on this for damage.
    • LK - For better survivability. This helps you dodge, or block against monsters. Increases damage on Lucky Fist. Far better to invest points in here than HP to survive.
    • HV - Also for survivability through increasing dodge chance. Only add HV if you max out on LK.
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
    • Lions main weapon of choice is the gun. Guns have a unique mechanic in the game in that it uses the 'Gun AP' stat. Gun AP is separate from AP and do not correlate with each other in any way. The AC stat increases your Gun AP as well.
  • What stats should you be compounding my equipment with?
    • It's recommended to compound with AC to increase damage. LK is a common secondary choice to increase surviveability and damage for certain skills such as Lucky Fist.
  • How should you use your level up points?
    • A standard lion build typically uses majority of their points into AC and LK.

Depending on your playstyle you can distribute all your points into AC for more damage, or some points into LK for more survivability.

  • Important Skills
    • For boss content you will be mostly using single target skills as they will do the most damage to bosses. Lions have Butt Plate, Power Shot, Double Shot, and Lucky Fist. You will mostly be using these skills to deal damage on bosses. I won't go into too much detail on how much damage these skills do since it's part of their skill description. I will say, when bossing, your damage becomes significantly stronger if you debuff with Shield Breaker.

Shield Breaker is a must use in boss content as it decreases their defense significantly. Constantly be checking that this debuff is on and reapply when it runs out as it lasts 6 seconds. Butt Plate isn't a popular choice due to the other 3 having more damage and utility, however it is in your skillset if you decide to use it.

  • Is your character good for beginners?
    • Lions are moderately easy for beginners. You’ll die a lot at the beginning, ammo is a restriction to some extent. The main difficulty with this class is learning advanced techniques to play better (kiting, etc...).
    • Overall, lions are a fairly balanced class with a moderately easy playstyle. Not as friendly for beginners, but if you're familiar with point and click MMO games you should be fine. There are a lot of little advanced techniques you can learn, but aren't necessary to have. For the endgame, they lack variety in choice of avataring for active skills due to their niche using guns, so you'll most likely be rotating through the same skills your entire life as a lion. If this sounds like your playstyle, this may be a good fit for you.
  • How powerful is your character compared to others?
    • This class is powerful and is designed as such. In any RPG game with a ranged class (gun, arrow, etc.) they are designed with DPS in mind, but are close to being glass cannons, they die easily. Compared to their other sense class, Fox, they have less cunning skills, and are more straight forward.
  • What avatar skills should you get first?
    • Since lions are a damage dealing class, it’s recommended to get Eagle Eye to boost AC. For more survivability, skills like Aura of Luck that increase LK may help some. This also increases the damage for Lucky Fist slightly. Increasing luck will only get you so far though as monsters become exponentially stronger and helps mostly in the early game.
    • A strong skill for survival in the mid to endgame is Shield of Heaven.

These are the most common skills that compliment lions and are a good start. Avataring is somewhat limited for lions compared to other classes since they use Gun AP and AC stats. Most active avatar skills don’t use Gun AP or AC outside of lions. You will mostly be avataring for passive skills and buffs.

  • At what levels does your character excel in the game? What levels does it suck?
    • Lions have a linearly increasing growth. They progress slowly in the early game, start to get noticeably better midgame, and excel in the endgame. From early game to midgame you'll typically die alot due to lions having balanced HP and MP, however you will be able to start 1HKOing common farming monsters in the mid to endgame.
  • What kind of Guardian should you get?
    • You want at least a 4 in sense and 1 in charm with Cochma Rune for 2nd job sense skills for the Shield Breaker, Lucky Fist and Skunk combo. The level 10 Shield Breaker is still worth it since it never misses.


  • Character Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Strengths - Very durable thanks to defensive buffs such as Sturdy Shield, Shield All, and Sumo Suit.
    • Weaknesses - Doesn't deal much damage, struggles to one-hit kill farming mobs, and has to balance HP/DP and AP/HV to effectively use their main farming skills, Sharp Scream and Siren Song.
  • Build Graphs
    • 4114, Evolution increases your base AP so having a 4 in Power is a must.
  • Useful Stats
    • AP, HV, DP, and HP for farming, and AC and Elemental Attribute for farming (Cat skills don't Elemental Attribute themselves, but many choose to learn Earthquake Blade as one of their first Avatar skills so keep that in mind).
  • What kind of equips should you use?
    • Cats use swords and shields, the more DP you can get on your helmet/shield and more AP on your sword, the better.
  • What stats should you be compounding your equipment with?
    • AP, HP, and HV, these are the stats important for your skills. DP will come naturally from your helmet and shield being refined to level 13.
  • How should you use your level up points?
    • Put them all into AP, and if you're having difficulty OHKOing Isabelles, go for HP.
  • What are your important skills?
  • Is your character good for beginners?
    • Kind of, it has nice power and are the tankiest character of them all thanks to Sumo Suit.
  • How powerful is your character compared to others?
    • They have the strongest defensive skills for any single class, and Sharp Scream plus Siren Song is pretty good for farming. She is the most balanced character for offense and defense.
  • What Avatar skills should I get?
  • At what levels does your character excel in the game?
  • What kind of guardian should you get?


  • Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Strengths
      • Very versatile
      • 3 good AoEs for early on in the game
    • Weaknesses
      • You need different gears to balance all the stats you need for your AoEs, like AP, HV, HP, LK.
  • Build Graphs
    • 4114 - Gives you the most power, you don't need to worry about any stats in Sense since you will get enough LK and WT from your gear.
  • Useful stats
    • AP/HV in the early game until level 400, once you get to level 900 you need AP, HV, and Earth Attribute (when you learn Earthquake Blade as an Avatar skill).
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
    • Most important things are swords, shields, and the pet. You have a choice to make between the level 900 HV-centric shield, Luminous Dream Shield, and the AP-centric shield, Dream Shield. Early game, Simple Shield will do the trick.
  • What stats should you compound your gear with?
    • Levels 400-800 you need a lot of HV, or at least enough to get Full House to one-hit kill the monsters you're farming for galders, then compound HP. Afterwards, you need a lot of AP and Earth Attribute for Earthquake Blade.
  • Important skills
  • Is your character beginner friendly?
    • Not really, the damage from his skills aren't great and don't scale that well. Usually Raccoons turn into Power types after level 900, so don't start with him unless you know what you're getting into.
  • How powerful is your character relative to other characters?
    • He is average, he can spam some decent AoEs early on but has a lot of weak points in the game and needs lots of avatar skills.
  • What avatar skills should you get?
    • Pumping Heart, Adrenaline, and Earthquake Blade. Use anything you can compound Earth Attribute into to increase its damage, it is one of the most powerful skills in the game. The first two skills will help increase its damage. Also consider Bull's Eye after that. Around 2000, you can consider getting Champion's Blade, another good AoE, but don't get it first since you won't have the stats to make it useful along with Earthquake Blade.
  • What levels are your character strong? What levels is your character weak?
    • It's strong at level 400, but sucks until level 1500 when you can acquire enough avatar skills to start matching other classes.

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