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Attribute Crystals can be obtained via Merchant Lorena. Lorena appears in several places within Caballa Island and each Lorena offers different attribute crystals. Please note, the maximum level of attribute crystal you can obtain from Merchant Lorena is for level 320. High level crystals, 380 and 900, can be obtained from Star Gazer Stella's Exchange. Additionally, the amount of 500 galder coupons needed varies on the level of the crystal. Furthermore, all level 3000 crystal are obtained through the introduction of Koiosu boxes, which are obtained through killing the boss Koiosu.

Attribute Crystal Where to find Lorena

500 Galder Coupons for Light Crystals 

Coral Beach Field 3 - Sunny Beach
500 Galder Coupons for Electric Crystals  Pyramid Dungeon 5 - Hall of Love Affair
500 Galder Coupons for Soil Crystals  Poppuri Dungeon - Spore Cave
500 Galder Coupons for Air Crystals  Relics Field 1 - Atlas
500 Galder Galder Coupons for Dark Crystals Phantom School - 1F Toilet
500 Galder Coupons for Water Crystals Mermaid Palace Field 2 - Seaweeds Square
500 Galder Coupons for Fire Crystals Tapasco Mine - Silent Lava