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On this page you'll find information about PandaTO server. Please make sure that you've read and understood the server's rules. Rulebreakers will not be tolerated.

Server Information

  • Server Version: Trickster Online Season 2, Pre-Chaos Tower Update
  • Server Location: California, USA
  • Server Time: Mountain Standard Time (MST) / UTC Offset: UTC -7
  • Rates:
    • 8x Base EXP & TM EXP
    • 8x Quest EXP
    • 4x Item DROP Rate
    • 10x Unique DROP Rate
  • Customizations click on the link for more details.
  • Patch Notes are posted inside the Discord server in #trickster-devlog.
  • Missing Content:
    • Tartarus
    • Tapasco Spa
    • Neil's Camp
    • Techichi Mine - Golden Ash
    • Harkon Protector Mode 1 & 2
    • Attribute Capsules
    • Chaos Tower Skills:
      • Boxer: Clinch Release
      • Warrior: Lightning Strike
      • Bard: Elemental Boost
      • Magician: Revival
      • Explorer: Rain of Knives
      • Inventor: Speed Loader
      • Entertainer: Aura Shatter
      • Card Master: Mass Destruction
      • Champion: Chi Release
      • Gladiator: Chakra Balance
      • Soul Master: Dimensional Rift
      • Priest: Refreshing Dew
      • Dark Lord: Dark Assimilation
      • Thief Master: Exploit Weakness
      • Scientist: Bunker
      • Primadonna: Beasts Instincts
      • Gambler: Four of A Kind


In the table below is a list of rewards available according to the amount donated to the server. Please DM Mel before donating.

To claim your donation rewards whisper Mel (Owner) on Discord that you have donated and from there it will be taken care of.

Price (USD) Item
$5 Name change
$5 Sentinel Equip of choice
$5 Fuse of choice
$10 Level 400 unique
$10 Instant level 400 character
$10-$30 Rebirth (price depends on level)
$15 Level 600 unique
$15 Legendary guardian with 6166 build and run of choice
$15 5x Alchemy Event Round 5 Tickets / 3x Alchemy Event Round 6 Tickets
$15 Compound/Refine set**
$15 Custom title
$15-$30 Avatar skill (For level 900+)
$15 1x Chaos Feather 395
$20-$40 Any custom PandaTO pet
$20 1x Level 900 Unique
$30 Level 1200 unique / Level 1300 unique box
$35 Level 1500 unique
$40 Level 1950 unique
Source: Donation Spreadsheet *Only available for people who have no Soul Guardian beforehand. If you acquire a Guardian through donation, you will not be able to get a second Guardian because it will bug your character. If you already have a Guardian and want to change it the Admin can edit it to the type and build you desire. * Does not include sprint or accessories.
Tiered Donations
Tiers Price (USD) Items
Tier 1 $5 5x 1 Mil Galder Checks
Tier 2 $10 10x 1 Mil Galder Checks
Tier 3 $15 20x 1 Mil Galder Checks
Tier 4 $20 25x 1 Mil Galder Checks
Tier 5 $25 50x 1 Mil Galder Checks
Tier 6 $30 60x 1 Mil Galder Checks
Tier 7 $40 70x 1 Mil Galder Checks
Tier 8 $45 80x 1 Mil Galder Checks
Tier 9 $50 90x 1 Mil Galder Checks
Tier 10 $60 100x 1 Mil Galder Checks
Tier 11 $70 120x 1 Mil Galder Checks
Tier 12 $80 1x Level 400 unique
Tier 13 $100 1x Level 600 unique
Tier 14 $120 1x Level 900 Unique
Tier 15 $140 1x Chaos Feather 395
Tier 16 $160 1x Level 1200 unique
Tier 17 $180 1x Level 1300 unique box
Tier 18 $200 1x Level 1500 unique
Tier 19 $220 1x Level 1950 unique
Tier 20 $250 1x Level 1950 unique box
Source: Donation spreadsheetThe first table is what you "choose" to donate for, and the second table is what you get as "free" items up to the amount you donated. Ex: You donate $30 to get a level 1300 unique box, you receive up to tier 6 on the bottom table, earning 170x 1 Mil Galder Checks.  

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
OS Windows 98/2000/XP Windows XP
CPU Intel Pentium III 1GHz Intel Pentium IV 1.6Hz
Hard Disk 6GB HDD capacity 8GB HDD capacity
GPU DirectX 8.1b 3D Supported Graphic Card
Resolution 800x600 1024x768

Game Rules

1. Always listen to the staff.

The staff are the ones that have name colors (Green, Purple, Red, Yellow). These are your staff please listen to them. If you are asked to stop doing or talking about something but you still continue, you will be muted or kicked. Refrain from pinging or DMing @Mel for reasons other than donations and password recovery.

2. Use the correct channels for conversations.

There are different chat channels, each having their own purpose. You can see the purpose/topic of each channel by viewing the displayed channel name.

3. Be civil and respectful.

Do not spam or overuse curse words. - No harassing or insulting other players. Joking is allowed if it's not extreme and the other player does not take offense. No racism, sexism, hurtful or other discriminatory remarks. No extremely offensive conversations. (This can include conversations about politics and religion, as some people get offended with these topics. The staff may use their discretion in determining the inappropriateness of a topic.) No links to pornography or any pornographic site are allowed. No antagonizing the staff or admin in chat. They are there to help out the players, don't complicate their task by badmouthing them. No offensive names or avatars.

4. No discussing or planning of illegal activities with other players.

5. No advertising other games or game websites on general chat.

Discussions of other games are allowed only in #random-stuff-and-vc Links may only be posted if a player specifically asks for it. The staff may use their discretion in deciding what constitutes advertising.

6. No excessive use of caps lock.

If it's used to imply yelling, or if it's used in excess, it's unacceptable.

7. No spam. Definitions of spam:

  • Sending the same message and emojis over and over again.
  • Pointless messages meant to annoy others.
  • Random, meaningless messages.
  • Tagging someone excessively to get their attention

8. No trolling. Definitions of trolling:

  • Deliberately provoking another player via cynical or sarcastic remarks.
  • Do not log in with another account and ask questions about the game you already know.
  • Baiting others to send an angry or offensive response to you.
  • Knowingly giving false information about the server.
  • It is up to the staff to decide what other behavior is considered trolling.

9. No discussions about Botting/Scripting/Bug Abuse or other game-abusing activities.

Do not call out a player publicly with accusations of botting. If you suspect a player is botting, tell a staff with details about the person's actions and location.

10. No Scamming. This includes:

  • Convincing a player that something is worth more than what it really is so they will pay you more for it.
  • Begging (There's a lot of opportunities to get money for new as well as old players, just asking in chat to get free money will more likely get you ignored).
  • Convincing a player that something is worthless so they will give it to you.
  • Convincing a player to share their password with you.
  • Asking for real life information such as phone numbers, etc.
  • Convincing a player the rules are different from what they truly are.

11. Use common sense, think before you speak.

If you are about to say something that you would not want to be said to you, it's a good idea to keep that thought to yourself. Part of the staff's responsibilities is to ensure that the chat remains friendly to all. If a decent portion of chat is not happy with the current discussion, the staff can request the discussion to end. This includes arguments in chat.

12. RMT (Real-Money-Trading) isn't allowed

You cannot sell your items/accounts for real money unless it has been approved by @Mel .

13. It is up to the staff member(s) that is/are online at the time what the consequence is for the offense.

Standard consequences are as follows (but can change depending on the severity of the situation): First time offense gets a warning. Repeated offense after ignoring warning will be muted. Mutes can last up to 1 week. Habitual offenders can be automatically kicked or banned without warning, especially if you very well know the chat rules and choose to break them anyway.

14. No bickering in public chat or causing drama about the decisions that were made by the staff or about the chat rules.

You may DM a staff member if you wish to discuss/ask about the decision that was made as to not disrupt chat, or if you feel like a staff member has wrongly punished you, please contact an admin with the punishment given, who gave it, and your side of the story. If you have feedback or suggestion then post them on the forum in the correct section. The staff do not accept Game Suggestions or Bug Reports made through Discord whether in #general chat or Private Messages, they must be posted in the forum. The reason for this is because it's not possible to read every single comment in a live chat, nor are we updating our internal documents every minute of every single day 24/7. The only exception are abusable or exploitable bugs, these must be reported to a staff member directly in private.

Furthermore, if any situations arise that are not covered in this and a staff member has to step in to take control and diffuse the situation, it is up to the staff member to use their own discretion as to what action to take and the rules shall be amended to reflect the situation for any possible further instances.

You can't get banned, if you don't break the rules.

REPORTING A PLAYER: Must provide screenshots of the offense/s and a statement of which rules you believe they've broken. Do not report the same offence to multiple staff members. Reports may be DMed directly to any staff. They are viewed and either approved or disapproved, so we encourage you to not make false reports, as this can lead to disciplinary action taken against the person creating false reports. These reports are meant to assist the staff for when they are not online and when a member of the team misses a line or two of chat that needs to be handled. If a certain number of reports are made by different players about the same line of text within a short amount of time, the staff reserves the rights to kick or ban the person the report was made against depending on the severity. It is highly important that the report feature is not abused.


The following penalties will be applied if you break the Game Rules.

1st Offense: Warning

2nd Offense: Account locked

3rd Offense: Character/Account deletion

4th Offense: IP Ban​

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